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, Success, Donna Stanger


You deserve and attract wealth. You are worthy of wealth. You have the drive, the discipline, the work ethic and the ideas that bring wealth to you. What you want, wants you. You are a money magnet. You are open and ready. Abundance flows into your life.

, Success, Donna Stanger


You are developing extraordinary, unflinching self-belief. You engage with your colleagues, you no longer hold back. You are in demand. You do what you love, you absolutely love what you do. You joyfully put your new creative ideas into action.

, Success, Donna Stanger


Fear and procrastination are a thing of the past. You take on the habits of those who are incredibly successful and you embrace the energy of action. Your business is booming and you are on fire. You are a success and feel so empowered.


What My Clients Say

, Success, Donna Stanger
Hi Donna, Thank you for checking on me. The mood swings are coming less and less and I seem to bounce back quicker than before. I will continuously listen to your recording. You are a wonderful therapist.
J. Yamasaki - Sydney AUS
Self Employed
, Success, Donna Stanger
WOW Donna! What an experience. This recording is phenomenal. I can't wait to listen again at bed time. The whole session has been very powerful. I love the focus on my children and my body. You are an amazing RTT Therapist.
Valitha Govendar - Atlanta USA
Business Manager
, Success, Donna Stanger
Its been VERY interesting, I'd say I'm feeling BETTER 90% of the time and when I start feeling down I can get myself out of the slump quite easily. I can feel an awesome mental shift. I feel quite positive.
Paula Lester Garcia
Owner/Designer at Muse Jewellery Design
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“Your brain takes every word you say as literal and accurate… By choosing positive words you tell yourself everything ahead is manageable…”

Marisa Peer

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